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out now (LP) | Dec. 9th 2022 (digital) on Hummus Records

Clear vinyl handcut by Grand Voyage Records housed in a printed transparent outer sleeve. lim. to 100 copies.

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These five self-produced songs can be thought of as layering’s
of a single and delicate polyphony. Drums, guitar, voice, piano and harmonium are
recorded one after the other until they begin to breathe in relation to each other. The english
and swiss german lyrics tell of relationships and intimacies – with oneself, with lovers and
family- that are negotiated on several levels. Throughout this short album, we listen to a
character who, by speaking out, tries to become aware of their own
and dynamics that appear while entering a relationship. The needs
for closeness and belonging begin to formulate themself and speak of the un_possibilities of
communicating oneself in one’s own sensitivity. The release of the EP will take place in the
context of listening sessions to allow a space for exchange and attentive listening.

mastering: Emilie Daelemans
mix: track 2,3,4 Roman Lerch track 1,5 Anuk Schmelcher
vinyl cutting: Loris Ruchet aka Grandvoyage
vinyl cover: Nora Longatti & Anuk Schmelcher
all music played and produced by Anuk Schmelcher
except on track 3: produced and bass played by Sirup Gagavil at Yagwud Recordings Biel
recording recidencies: Bäschtu Sebastian Schoop, Jonathan Humair, Nora Longatti, Donat Kaufmann, Daniela Weinmann, Johannes Rühl
walks: Nora Longatti, Donat Kaufmann, Dominic Oppliger, Martina Berther, Kathy Bajaria
promotext advice: Aio Frei
promotext translation: Kathy Bajaria
promoportrait: Daniela Weinmann
special thanks to: Fabian Mösch, Esther Schmelcher, Milena Patagonia, Reg Fre
financial support: Stadt Biel, Kultur Kanton Bern, Popkredit Stadt Zürich

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