out February 2nd (digital) / February 23rd (vinyl) on Humus Records and Bright Colors

> picture disc style cover sleeve printed inside out
> side A – 3 tracks – 16’26’’ of music
> side B – original art by B. screen printed by Out of Gas

The costs to create and record this album as well as manufacture the vinyls were a bit over EUR 10’000 (see details here below). That means the cost price is basically EUR 20 per vinyl (without shipping). Birds in Row have always been selling their merch at shows based on donations. Both bands decided to keep this philosophy online for this specific record. That means you can choose the amount you can pay for it (name your price).

> Studio Rental + Recording = EUR 4810
> Mix + Mastering = EUR 1200
> Vinyl Pressing = EUR 2430
> Shipping + Customs = EUR 600
> Silk Screen Print = EUR 520
> Transport and Food = EUR 590

IMPORT FEES AND VAT for EU and UK customers orders up to EUR 150 / £ 135 are including VAT and all import fees. That means NO EXTRA COSTS upon receival. (Orders placed anywhere else than EU or UK are NOT subject to any extra cost no matter the amount of your order)

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The creation of “Birds in Row & Coilguns” presented a unique challenge: the artists had to write, produce, and record everything within a tight seven-day window. Jona Nido (Coilguns) had prepared in advance with a handful of guitar riffs to kickstart the creative process. Meanwhile, Birds in Row embarked on spontaneous jam sessions at the studio, eagerly awaiting Coilguns’ arrival from La Chaux-de-Fonds. The roles within the project naturally fell into place: they opted for the Joris/Luc drumming duo, with Bart and Jona on guitars. As for bass, Kevin and Quentin discussed the division of duties, ultimately leading to Quentin’s role as the third guitarist. With two drummers, one bassist, and three guitarists, Louis concentrated on vocals and overall song composition and production. The creative journey was further enhanced by Amaury from the Apiary Studio, who handled recordings, while Joris and Amaury took charge of production.

“Birds in Row & Coilguns” represents an exciting culmination of their collaborative efforts, offering a unique musical experience that reflects their shared passion and creative energy.

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0.3 cm