CLOSET DISCO QUEEN and The Flying Raclettes – “Omelette du Fromage” – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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out Setp. 3rd 2021 on Hummus Records
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The album title is a vibrant hommage to « The Big Cheese » episode of Cartoon Network’s animated series « Dexter’s laboratory » from 1996. In this episode, Dexter decides to learn french while sleeping. After putting and turning on his subconscious discographic hypnotator, he falls asleep to the sound of a french learning method playing on vinyl (!). The record turns out to be broken and stuck on an endless loop, repeating the phrase « Omelette du Fromage » over and over. By the time he wakes up he is physically incapable of saying anything else than these three words. For some reason he ends up becoming worldwide famous, giving public speeches and being a celebrity just by saying « Omelette du Fromage ».

Just like Dexter, the band is hoping to gain instant celebrity across the universe with this very much à-propos album name and its beautiful and elusive graphic design. Or maybe Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclettes are just as much of a fraud as Dexter in the big cheese episode.

But don’t be fooled : the album is an organic yet powerful piece of instrumental loud rock music. The additional musicians (bass and guitar) have allowed the former two piece to enhance their songwriting and dig deeper into their sound, implementing stronger punk, progressive as well as psych and ambient elements in their music. Bands quoted as inspiration during the creative process went from The Mars Volta, Breach, The Hives or Goat. The album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered within 20 days by the band itself.

This record was the result of a project initiated by one of Switzerland’s coolest event : Palp Festival. In the beautiful scenery of the Valais mountains they organize tons of shows with international and local acts in places as remote as they are breathtaking (dams, cabins, mountain lakes, etc…). They also make sure everybody gets their fill of the local and worldwide famous products : white wine and cheese. They gave Closet Disco Queen the opportunity to live in the tiny mountain village of Bruson and an access to an abandoned school where the band built a DIY mobile studio, started writing and 15 days later the album was sent to the pressing plant.