COILGUNS – “Stadia Rods + EP 2011-2012” – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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originally released as three different EP’s between 2011 and 2012

FFO : Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Breach

“Stadia Rods” was originally released on March 15th 2012 on Dead Dead Dead Music

track 1 to 3 from CD 2 were originally self-released in June 2011 as a split EP, re-released in September 2011 on Pelagic Records

track 4 and 5 were originally released in August 2012 on a 10” split EP on Hummus Records, Dead Dead Dead Music, Savour your Scene and Invektiv Records

This compilation was released in November 2018 on Hummus Records.

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01 – Parkensine
02 – Zoetropist
03 – In the Limelights
04 – Witness the Kern Arc
05 – The Shuftan Process (Part 1)
06 – The Shuftan Process (Part 2)
07 – Mastoid
08 – Phersu
09 – Kachinas
10 – Mandarin Hornet
11 – Dewar Flask

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Track 1 to 6 – Coilguns’s EP “Stadia Rods” was released on March 15th 2012. Stadia Rods was the second release of Coilguns. 30 minutes of music all recorded live and uncut.

Track 7 to 9 from the second CD contains the very first three tracks written and recorded by Coilguns. It was originally self-released on split with Luc and Louis noise-rock duo KUNZ as a DIY screen printed CD version housed in a PVC food bag in June 2011. In September 2011 it was re-released by Pelagic Records as a nice 3 panels digipack.

Track 10 and 11 were written and recorded in Australia in two days while Coilguns’s members were on tour with their former band; german prog-metallers The Ocean Collective. These songs were originally released in August 2012 as a 10” split record with NVRVD on Hummus Records, Dead Dead Dead Music, Savour your Scene, Invektiv Records. This was HUMM000 – the very first release that we ever put out and the reason we funded the label


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