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out March 8th 2019 on Hummus Records

FFO : The Black Angels, Blues Pills

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01 – Hotcha
02 – Erine
03 – First Race
04 – Les Botanistes
05 – Helsinki
06 – The Winter
07 – Laïtak
08 – Avril Orange
09 – Lost
10 – Zingueria
11 – The Line

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Powerful, sensitive, introspective. THE WINTER, Edmond Jefferson & Sons’ second album, conveys a deep and instinctive musical intention. Written mainly during winter and recorded on analog tape, the eleven tracks of this opus will take you on a journey into the intimate world of the Biel (swiss) quintet. Oscillating between explosive riffs, dark rock and soft ballads, their music is perfectly harmonized by organic sound textures and a mesmerizing voice.

recorded and mixed by Sirup Gagavil at Yagwud Recordings, Biel/Bienne, 2017
mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio, Portland, 2017
all words written by Josette Seydoux
all music written and arranged by Edmond Jefferson & Sons

photography and layout by Sébastien Gerber


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Edmond Jefferson & Sons