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out August 20th 2021 on Hummus Records
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On 20 August 2021, the second album “WET” by the busy duo Ester Poly – consisting of Martina Berther (electric bass, voc, Zurich) and Béatrice Graf (drums, voc, Geneva) – will be released by swiss label Hummus Records. With their new album, the two musicians expand the possibilities of the bass and drum tandem. Rock – peppered with a pinch of unexpected sounds and their influences from improvised music – results in a musical manifesto carried by lyrics in German, English and French. Socially critical, they deal with racism (“Braun”), female lust (“Smell Of Female” / “Wet”), the call for more diversity (“Respect my Speck”), and our performance-obsessed society (“Pressés” / “DaDaDa”) among other things. Despite the seriousness of the lyrics, humour is not forgotten and the dance floor is never far away: “She’s somewhere” and “Pique Dame Remix” invite you to dance the night away.

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