released on Creaked Records (2016)

12” black vinyl, maxi

this is a distro item, courtesy of Creaked Records

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It’s not easy to create something that sounds epic and yet doesn’t veer off into cliché-riddled pathos, which is why the latest release from Gaspard de La Montagne hits so hard. It’s perfect. From the first bars of the intro track “Thot” you feel like you’re being pulled under by a powerful current –you’re going deep. And you’ll only surface once the outro track, “Canines”, comes to a full stop. You could technically call this Techno, but that would diminish Gaspard de La Montagne’s unique take on the idiom.

What’s unique about this EP is that these songs are amalgams of noise, noise that is extremely beautiful in sum total. This is sonic alchemy at work: the ability to turn harsh, jarring sounds into something mesmeric, breathtaking (almost quite literally). These songs are like Ad Reinhardt black on black paintings. At first they appear to be airtight, solid, impenetrable. But the longer you listen to them the more details they reveal, and in the end you find yourself in a vast universe. This is the third EP from Gaspard de La Montagne and we’re quite certain that it’ll find its way into late night / early morning sets of that breed of DJs who love their sound deep; but it’s also just as gratifying as a headphone-listening experience.

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Dimensions 32 × 32 × 0.3 cm