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out May 6th 2016 on Hummus Records

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01 – Ci-Gît le Coeur
02 – Now, Get The Spell !
03 – Last Day
04 – Flight 304
05 – Limp Dicks
06 – Jean
07 – 1 \ 2

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Julien had a clear project in mind : to make his first album sound like a “best of” compilation of some obscure songwriter from
the 70’s. The kind of rare record you buy out of pity at the flee market, put months later on your player and wonder why you
never heard of the guy before. Rules were set, so we tracked it the old school way! Classic folk guitar, second hand tapes, italian
echo and monophonic oscillators. Everything went easy and smooth. No wonder this guy writes such instant classics. Julien is in
real life just like he sounds on record, mysterious enough, classy and honest to the bone. (Louis Jucker)

songs by Julien Baumann
recorded and mixed by Louis Jucker in La Chaux-de-Fonds
mastered by Morgan Hug

artwork by Audrey La Delfa & Louis Jucker in Paris

produced by Louis Jucker & indago


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Julien Baumann