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out November 15th 2015 on Hummus Records

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01 – City of big Blocks [Joarimus Papim]
02 – Lost in Caves [Yaya Lieber]
03 – I’m alright Boy [Nevsky Perspectives]
04 – Drops [Nathan Baumann]
05 – Body Language [Philippe Henchoz]
06 – Wit of the Staircase 1 & 2 [Louis Schild & Antoine Läng]
07 – Blackberries [Emilie Zoé]
08 – Canada [Cochon Double]
09 – Exile [Danaë Leitenberg]
10 – Arcadia [Prune Carmen Diaz]
11 – Last Day [Julien Baumann]
12 – For the Man that I love [Michael Schindl]
13 – Far Away [Harpe]
14 – Lost Romantics [Your Fault]
15 – Drifter [J & L Deffer]
16 – Campfires Forever [Louis Jucker]
17 – The Beat goes on [Luca Manco]
18 – Augustin Rebetez [Augustin Rebetez]

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This EP was only released on tape, and its release party turned to be Some of the Missing Ones festival nb. 1

Written, recorded and mixed on 4-tracks tapes by Louis Jucker, in La Maison d’à Côté, Agiez, Switzerland, 05.11.2014. “Nous sommes des fantômes qui essayons de devenir visibles” is an automatic poem by Augustin Rebetez, recorded in Basel, Switzerland, 15.06.2013. “The Woman Of The Dunes” was written in Noordwjik, Netherlands.

Digitally mastered by Morgan Hug in Ko Phi Phi, India, 21.03.2015

Layout and print by Romain Berger, Stanislas Delarue and the fabulous people of La Maison d’à Côté, Agiez, Switzerland.


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