LOUIS JUCKER – SOTMO / The Hollow Fourth – LP

out Oct. 30th 2020 on Hummus Records

FIRST TIME ON VIYNL (45rpm cut) for these two EP’s from 2015 and 2016!!

black vinyl (lim. to 400), cover sleeve printed on the reverse (rough) side of the board, fully printed inner sleeve

Both these ep’s are available for free download HERE

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This EP was originally released on tape. Its release party turned out to be the “Some of the Missing Ones festival nb. 1”

Written, recorded and mixed on 4-tracks tapes by Louis Jucker, in La Maison d’à Côté, Agiez, Switzerland, 05.11.2014. “Nous sommes des fantômes qui essayons de devenir visibles” is an automatic poem by Augustin Rebetez, recorded in Basel, Switzerland, 15.06.2013. “The Woman Of The Dunes” was written in Noordwjik, Netherlands.

Digitally mastered by Morgan Hug in Ko Phi Phi, India, 21.03.2015

Layout by Romain Berger, Stanislas Delarue and the fabulous people of La Maison d’à Côté, Agiez, Switzerland.


« I was preparing a performance at Ferme-Asile in Sion, Switzerland, working with an old out-of-tune upright piano that reminded me of Daniel Johnston’s early tapes.

I started tracking the songs with a portable four tracks engine (a bigger version than the ones I usually work with). I got that machine from the cave of a bluesman from La Chaux-de-Fonds, who died couple of years ago. I didn’t know the guy, but everyone seemed to love him. A friend of mine said I should have his recorder.

So i was tracking my new songs on it and i was loving the sounds i could get from it. I noticed the fourth track was not working, so I recorded the first songs on three tracks : piano or guitar, vocals and percussions.

After a while, i realized i could actually use the broken track, but only in the wrong direction… I sung harmonies on track one, reversed the tape and I could hear them going backwards on track four. It sounded ghostly and magical, i was blasted.

Louis Jucker – Vocals, Upright Piano, Electric Guitar, Drums, Crowd control barrier, Dobro
Picture by Christian Lutz “insert coins”

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Louis Jucker



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