Louis Jucker – The Hollow Fourth – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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out November 11th 2016 on Hummus Records

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01 – Jimbo’s
02 – Left is deaf
03 – Autopilot
04 – The head buyer
05 – Leftovers

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« I was preparing a performance at Ferme-Asile in Sion, Switzerland, working with an old out-of-tune upright piano that reminded me of Daniel Johnston’s early tapes.

I started tracking the songs with a portable four tracks engine (a bigger version than the ones I usually work with). I got that machine from the cave of a bluesman from La Chaux-de-Fonds, who died couple of years ago. I didn’t know the guy, but everyone seemed to love him. A friend of mine said I should have his recorder.

So i was tracking my new songs on it and i was loving the sounds i could get from it. I noticed the fourth track was not working, so I recorded the first songs on three tracks : piano or guitar, vocals and percussions.

After a while, i realized i could actually use the broken track, but only in the wrong direction… I sung harmonies on track one, reversed the tape and I could hear them going backwards on track four. It sounded ghostly and magical, i was blasted.


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Louis Jucker