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out March 24th 2023 on Hummus Records
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After more than two years of hard work, Monument unveils its first album « ABYSS » with Hummus Records on March 31st.

Industrial post-punk, Alternative prog rock, a bit of Math, sometimes Shoegaze, often Noise, … The sound of Monument is tricky to describe, their music tend to break the frontiers between genres, offering a peculiar blend with a massive and deep sound.

From the furious and noisy sound of BODIES to the psychedelic collides of PRISM, Monument hits hard. The meticulous soundscapes of the synthesisers and the guitars is always supported by the warm groove of the drums and the bass, all together tightly bound by the deep and powerful voice of Tom Guex. Other than the frantic race offered by ABYSS, we also find a few moments of raw sensibility, hidden in the eye of the storm, delivering a mix of raw energy, power and heart.

This first album defines the new identity of Monument, a new birth marked by the experience of its musicians, all active in well-known bands of the swiss music scene for nearly a decade.